Art Warehouse Wedding New

Stand up roving canap├ęs:

Minced asparagus and chicken brioche
Tri colour Beet and goat cheese risotto cakes, spoons
Lentil potato bombs and rhubarb chutney
Little lamb pies
460 pieces $1840

Abundant antipasti-style table:
Wacky melon, plums, green beans, torpedo onion, zucs, radish, basil
Mixed local meats, 3 radish pickles, grinder/mincer, hanging bully string
Snowpeas with grapes, grape leaves on vine
Leg ham, melon, bay leaves
Potato and herb frittata, bowl raw eggs garnish
Dukkah green beans and roast pesto tomatoes
Mixed olives, fresh fennel flowers
Braised mushrooms in sage, lemon dressing, mushy cup holder

Shared mains:
Grilled fish with tomato, turmeric in coconut milk
Shaved parmesan, almond, green leaf, balsamic
Grilled Chicken brushed with salmoriglio and yoghurt sauce
Baked beets, lentils, tossed in fetta and orange sage dressing
Carrot, swede, pumpkin, cauli, toasted freekah, pomegranate dressing
Roast beef fillet on potato skordalia
12 hour slow cooked lamb with marinated, grilled zucchini, eggplant, sugar snap, garlic mint mayo dressing

Roving dessert

Summer puddings with strawberry/ peach mascarpone
Lemon curd cups
120 pieces $600

Menus are local and seasonal, so subject to change. Prices are indicative, and may change according to your specific needs. 

We understand that everyone’s staffing needs are different, so we provide professional, friendly and experienced staff at industry rates per person, per hour. Please contact us for an accurate estimation.