Running Sheet

Menu Sample Number 2

Brian & Jude Celebrate

Running sheet

We will arrive at 10am. The marquee will be laid and tables set. Champagne and beer has been refrigerated overnight. where we can find it. Kyneton Party Hire will leave four big ice tubs, I will bring enough ice for the day.

11:45 – 12:40

Guests arriving to the lawn south of the kitchen will be greeted by champagne, fruit punch and beer. I will supply punch.

Mini potato and oregano frittatas topped with black olive paste

Puff pastry palmiers with ham and cheese

Mini mushroom tarts in sour cream custard

Beetroot roesti topped with dill sourcream and smoked salmon

12:45 – 1:00

Guests are seated at place cards. Water and wine on tables

1:05 – 1:50

Grace followed by luncheon platters. Staff to replace wine, water bottles, food platters, bread and salad as needed.

Whole roast mustard coated cold beef fillet sliced.

Boned stuffed and roasted chicken cold sliced

Waldorf salad. Sliced and buttered baguettes

Caesar Salad

Potato salad with sweet potato and chives

Roasted peppers, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, chicory

Lettuce and tomato no dressing

Food for children’s table supplied by Jeanne

All food served on white china platters and large plates.


Serve dessert.

Summer berry pudding with berry fruit tumble and lots of whipped cream.

Retire to the hall for tea, coffee, biscuits.

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