Meeting and Conference Catering



A sample conference in June:
with 1 guest no cow milk/soy/nuts/wheat/rye/eggwhite, 1 vegetarian and 1 no pork:

beetroot tabouli
whole baked small potatoes in paprika and thyme
quinoa patties
sautéed cabbage with sunflower seeds and lemon
coriander salmon with mayo 
sticky date pudding, cream, poached feijoa, banana-based vegan substitute 

Slow cooked lamb
Roast swedes
Broccoli salad
Sliced potatoes in veggie stock
Cauliflower couscous
Quince and apple crumble with icecream

Lentil, spaghetti squash and silverbeet stalk curry
Rice, yoghurt, chutney, Cassava chips
Mustard roast beef
Roast carrot salad
Winter Greens salad


A sample conference in May:
with 3 vegos, 1 guest no onion, garlic, capsicum, coriander, 1 no eggplant or avocado, 1 no pork, 1 gluten free

Friday dinner
French pumpkin tossed with fresh mint and quinoa
Black eye bean and veggie hotpot
Thyme and lemon risotto
Roast chicken pieces
Swiss chard, lime and almond salad
Cake written with celebratory message
Poached quinces with berry coulis and coconut cream


Saturday lunch
Spaghetti squash fritters
Lentil and vegetable soup
Real egg frittata, capers, olives

Saturday dinner
Carrots roasted in buttermilk and nigella seed
Dutch cream potatoes sprinkled with fennel flowers
Dorper lamb cooked slowly overnight in aromats and stock
Rice and kimchi
Individual meringues with jelly toppings

Third sample conference (late autumn): 
with two guests gluten free (inc one celiac), 1 diabetic, 1 vego, 1 white meat only

Fiji potato and lentil curry
Steamed rice
Papadums and chutney
Carrot nigella seed salad 
Chard panfried with sunflower seed and poached chicken
Gluten free poached quince cake, berry coulis, dairy cream

Veggie soup, toasties, fritters, crisps, muffins, nutty salad
Garlic bruschetta
Rocket salad (gf)
Veggie lasagna, some gluten free
Kale salad
Olive, spinach and feta fusilli 
Banana icecream, chocolate meringue, fruit fool (gf)

Sunday lunch
Baked potatoes, carrot gravy, sour cream, Istra bacon bits, parmeson crisps, greens

Current conference and retreat pricing:
$35 per head for 1 course shared style lunch
$50 per head for 2 course shared style dinner

Minimum cost $500 to deliver
$1000 with Chef

Meeting room lunches, morning and afternoon teas also available.  Please call or email to discuss your needs.