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Vegan Garden Party Lunch for 40 adults and 10 children, 2012


Button mushrooms braised in lemon and thyme, skewered

Broad bean fritters and tata skordalia – no nuts

Roasted cauliflower florets with sesame seed dressing

Little rice paper rolls and dipping sauce

Vegan pastry corn cups

160 pieces – $640

Kids pack:

Roast cauli, corn cup, rice paper, little wrap, watermelon
10 packs  – $11


slightly spicy baked beans in organic tomato sauce

Braised pumpkin with chicpea and curry spices

Mt Zero French lentil and kale salad

Quinoa, squash and currant salad

Mixed organic potato salad

Smoked tofu and zucchini skewers

Tossed greens and fire roasted red peppers


4 doz wine glasses, buffet plates, cutlery, paper serviettes – $85

Tea, coffee, plungers, urn, cups – $100

10 hours staffing – $480 (estimate)

Menus are local and seasonal, so subject to change. Prices are indicative, and may change according to your specific needs.

We understand that everyone’s staffing needs are different, so we provide professional, friendly and experienced staff at industry rates per person, per hour. Please contact us for an accurate estimation.