Buffet Style Private Home New

Cauliflower fritters and tzatziki
Seared chicken coated in hazelnut dukkah
Pistachio biscotti, red wax cheddar, plum licorice root relish
Little mushroom and sage pies
$18 per head

Barramundi simmered in coconut cream and curry leaf
Grilled asparagus and real egg mayo
Organic potato wedges roasted with fresh fennel
Artichoke and broad bean salad
Spring chicken braised with spring herbs
Levantine leek and champagne puree
Spinach and tapioca chips with lemon dressing
A tumble of root veg with lentils and feta
$48 per head, based on 25 people.

We understand that everyone’s staffing needs are different, so we provide professional, friendly and experienced staff at industry rates per person, per hour. Please contact us for an accurate estimation.

Menus are local and seasonal, so subject to change. Prices are indicative, and may change according to your specific needs.